Inflatable Safety Guidelines

Inflatable Safety Guidelines

February 3, 2022

Inflatable Safety:

When it comes to renting bounce houses, waterslides, obstacle courses, or any other inflatable party rental item, safety should always be a top priority. In order to prevent injuries and damage to the equipment, manufacturers provide specific safety guidelines that should be observed by renters and participants. From removing shoes and jewelry to avoiding physical contact and sticky substances, there are numerous rules that must be followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Whether you're renting for a birthday party, family gathering, or other special event, it's important to review and follow these guidelines carefully.

  1. The bounce house and inflatables must be supervised at all times by adults to ensure safety, and numbers must be limited in accordance with the ages and size of the bounce house and inflatables.
  2. Observe the manufacturers safety guidelines, which can be found on the units safety sign.
  3. You must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, badges, hair barrettes, and any other object that could cause injury or damage to the party rental item before entering.
  4. The participants must avoid flips, somersaults, wrestling, roughhousing, pushing, colliding, or any other physical contact in order to prevent sustaining any injuries.
  5. No silly string, food, drink, candy, chewing gum, or any other sticky substance is allowed inside or near the inflatable.
  6. No one under the influence of prescription medication or any substance that inhibits the users balance, cognitive ability or perception should use the bounce house, waterslides, obstacle course or game.
  7. No smoking or flame of any kind can be within 50 feet of the unit.
  8. Never allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step or anywhere on the inflatables exterior.
  9. It is prohibited to climb into inflatable walls, hang from them, or sit on them.
  10. Avoid placing units near swimming pools. Inflatables should not be used by subjects over the age of 15 unless the unit is designed for adults.
  11. Do not tie or fasten anything to the inflatable. Renters are responsible for any damage or excessive debris that occurs and repair and cleaning charges will be charged accordingly.
  12. The unit should be deflated during inclement weather with wind speeds in excess of 15mph. When the unit is re-inflated, allow the vinyl surface to dry as it can be extremely slippery when wet.

The following is prohibited inside inflatable units:

- No silly string (silly string will damage the vinyl material)
- No face paint, glitter or confetti
- No food, drinks, gum, or candy
- No cleaning products of any kind, except as provided by the Company
- No watches, jewelry, glasses, or cell phones
- No keys or other sharp objects
- No shoes, sandals, or footwear of any kind, except for clean and dry socks
- No toys or other objects, except for items provided by the Company specifically for use in conjunction with each inflatable
- No pets